Welcome to Lilyfield Psychiatry of Atlanta.  We strongly believe that good care can only exist by knowing our patients well.  We pride ourselves on cultivating a supportive environment and fostering a collaborative relationship with the people and families who have entrusted us with their well-being.  We are well aware of the difficulties in finding mental health care that is thorough, thoughtful, and compassionate, and we are passionate about creating a safe and welcoming space in which to heal and grow. 

Initial Appointment

An initial consultation lasts approximately 40-50 minutes.  This meeting serves several purposes: (1) It gives you a chance to describe what has led you to seek treatment and (2) it gives us an opportunity to learn about your background, lifestyle, relationships as well as your prior psychiatric and medical treatment.  If you have any copies of prior testing, discharge summaries or reports, or if you are currently on medication, please bring that information to your initial appointment. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, (3) we have the opportunity to assess whether we will be a “good fit” for continued work together. Should our providers not be the best option for your care, we will certainly help you in finding alternative resources.  

Medication Management

Medication management works best when it is a collaborative process of doctor and patient working as a team.  We will provide you with information about the pros and cons of specific medications, and answer any questions you may have. We will explore options based on experience and knowledge, but decisions about medications and medication changes will most often be made in collaboration. Medication management sessions last approxiately 20 minutes.


Individual Psychotherapy

There is a growing tendency to see psychological problems as biologically based, and to treat them with medication alone. However, medication does not address deeper conflicts that underlie our day-to-day struggles in relating to others and coping with distress.


Many well-functioning people get involved in self-defeating relationships or engage in self-destructive behaviors.


Psychotherapy can be a powerful catalyst for change, allowing for a new experience of one's sense of self and other.

Family and Couples Therapy

It is the nature of a family that its members are intensely connected emotionally. Family members profoundly affect each other's thoughts, feelings, and actions. People solicit each other's attention, approval, and support and react to each other's needs, expectations, and distress. This connectedness makes the functioning of family members interdependent. A change in one person's functioning is predictably followed by reciprocal changes in the functioning of others. Therapy sessions focus on understanding an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behavior within the context of their families and their families of origin.

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